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Our Advanced Professional Patisserie Course

Our ever popular Advanced Professional Patisserie Course starts in May!

This is a jam-packed 12 week course. 1 full day lesson a week consisting of theory, demonstration and practical application.

Week 1:
Orientation and Theory of Ingredients : Art and science of baking overview of terminology, theory of main ingredient and understanding of how they work, how the course fits together, suppliers of ingredients and equipment, scaling, new flavours and flavour combinations.

Week 2
Sponges and Tortes: Foamed and creamed, chemical or mechanical Genoese, chiffon, two way lady finger, Viennese, classic tortes.

Week 3
Complex pastries e.g. Brise, sable types, salt, chocolate, Breton and other nut pastries, sucre, puff pastry methods.

Week 4
Meringue: Japonais, Macaroon, Dacquoise, Italian, Sauces, pralines.

Week 5
Fillings and Finishes: Glaze, frostings, mousselines, creams, custards, ganache.

Week 6
Sugarcraft 1: Fondant, Marzipan, covering, paste flowers, Flood work.

Week 7
Substituting ingredients in baking: Gluten and lactose intolerance, vegan, diabetic substitutes, alcohol and gelatine.

Week 8
Sugarcraft 2: Pulled sugar and confectionary ALL THINGS SUGAR!

Week 9
Chocolate: Tempering, collars, lace, modelling paste, chocolate garnishes, types of chocolate.

Week 10
Gels and new techniques: Spherification, different gelling agents, Molecular gastronomy applied to patisserie.

Week 11
Mini desserts/ friandise.

Week 12
Gateaux Compilation morning of POE purposes, if there is a demand. This is for students who may registered for the City and Guilds Diploma in Patisserie, who wish to fulfil the requirements.

Students who have attended the full course, would bring in their own components and receive assistance and feedback on their compilation. There is no charge for this session for those who have attended the full course, other attendees will be charged R450.00

R1 482 per lesson
R16 780 for full 12 lessons (R1000 discount)

Training by qualified and experienced cordon bleu chefs and guest experts in their fields e.g. Peter Gyorgyicsek
Theory notes
All recipes
List of specialist suppliers
All ingredients
Certificate of completion
Refreshments (tea, coffee, water)

What students need to bring:
Full chef gear: chef jacket, apron, hat and safety shoes
Containers to take products home in
Students are welcome to bring their own tools (some tools and equipment will be for sale (piping bags, nozzles, spatulas, French rolling pins, silicon mats and sugar thermometers.)

Background info:
This course has been devised and written by Jenny Howard, Chef Patron of Chez Gourmet, and is based on the most up to date references available from a wide range of sources in France, America, the UK, Spain and Australia.

This course can also be used towards a Diploma in Patisserie through City and Guilds, as we will have covered their syllabus requirements, if you have bought the whole course. Therefore, it can also be used to fulfil the portfolio of evidence requirements of photographic and practical teaching evidence for City and Guilds.

Each lesson is stand alone, but is based on components. That means you will not make a completed item per lesson, like the normal Chez lessons. E.g. you will learn all the different sponges in one lesson, meringue types in another etc. The only lesson when you will make a completed whole item will be Mini Desserts, and the last lesson which will be Project gateaux, which is a revision lesson where you will compile what you have already made at home, into a gateau.

Terms and conditions:

Payment guarantees places, invoices will be provided. We are VAT registered.

Certificates of completion from Chez Gourmet at the end of the course if you buy the full course, per lesson if you aren't attending the full course.

Only 12 places first come first served, with preference given to those who book the full course.

Each student has their own station and set of ingredients.

Lessons take the form of theory, demonstration, then practical application, where every student makes every recipe.

There will be a lunch break (a light lunch can be pre-booked for a nominal fee), but refreshments (tea, coffee, water), are included in the course fee, and are available throughout.

The lessons start promptly at 10:00, and end at 16:00.

Lessons are held in the teaching kitchen at Chez Gourmet.

The timing and duration of lunch will be determined by the type of course running on that particular day.

Secure parking is available either onsite or across the road, and will be advised ahead of time.

It is necessary to wear full chefs in the kitchen at all times, and to follow health and safety regulations as stipulated in the Chez Gourmet Health and Safety manual.

There are trained First Aiders onsite for the duration of the lessons.
No smoking is allowed at all, anywhere on the premises.

Location: we are located close to the transport hub in Claremont, Cape Town. See website for Google map link.

For date schedule or more info contact Tracy:

021 671 2080
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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