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Meet the Chez Gourmet Team

Welcome to our Chez Gourmet blog – the hub for kitchen stories, upcoming events, foodie inspiration, gorgeous recipes and so much more.

Meet the Chez Gourmet team:

Chef Jenny – Chef Patron and Owner
The heart and soul of Chez gourmet.  Jenny exudes passion and love for food and people – and it’s contagious! Her food knowledge is invaluable to the school.

Chef Emma - Teaching Programme Manager
Emma is a confident chef that knows her stuff, she runs a tight ship and makes things happen in the teaching department. A control freak, we might add, but we love that about her.

Chef Chloe – Functions Manager
Chloe happily plans a myriad of functions (big or small) at Chez Gourmet. Tell her what you want and she’ll work her magic! She will do whatever she can (to the last detail) to make your function a memorable one.

Chantelle – Catering/Functions Manager
Chantelle works alongside Chloe planning functions. They are the dream team. Chantelle plans menus like nobody’s business. She loves experimenting with fresh ingredients and punchy flavours.

Tracy – PA to Chef Jenny 
Tracy is the friendly face you’ll find at the reception desk. She takes care of the bookings and all the behind the scenes business that makes Chez Gourmet a well-oiled machine. A serious multi-tasker!

We asked the team some fun foodie questions…

What is your favourite ingredient to cook with?

It changes all the time… Currently it’s yuzu or Richard Bosman’s guanciale. Or my rare green Szechuan peppercorns. Actually, it’s my collection of dried seaweed from France!

Emma: butter!

Chloe: Mushrooms – all shapes, sizes, origins and varietals. Especially fresh wild porcini.

Chantelle: artichokes, truffle oil, wine, Parma ham, basil and wild mushrooms.

Tracy: I LOVE cooking with butter!

What is your favourite kitchen gadget?

Jenny: Can’t possibly say just 1! Toss-up between Bamix, Le Creuset cast iron griddle pan, induction and gas hobs and my truffle shaver.

Emma: My Kenwood chef and Nespresso machine

Chloe: At the moment, a dehydrator

Chantelle: lemon squeezer, peeler, microplane and a good chopping board

Tracy: My stick blender

If it was your last 3 course meal on earth, what would it be?

Jenny:   Seared scallops with yuzu and vanilla & crisp seaweed. Main - Prime rib roast, yorkie puds, duck fat roasted potatoes, proper jus and home-grown horseradish. Dessert- The croquembouche my staff made for my wedding.

Emma: Something delicious incorporating chocolate, granadilla, berries, mango and pastry.

Chloe: Constantia uitsig chicken and quail livers to start. Cumin crusted fat fillet of kingklip on sweet potato puree and baby spinach with Verjuice, red onion and tomato dressing. A variety of Italian fresh fruit gelato.

Chantelle: Oyster with pickled fennel. Beef fillet medium rare with lots of freshly shaved truffles. A rich chocolate dessert made with the good stuff (70%) with Chantilly cream.

Tracey: Chilli poppers (obsessed), fillet steak with mushroom sauce and creamed spinach and pumpkin. Pavlova with fresh fruit.

If you were stranded on an Island, what 3 food items would you be happy to live on for the rest of your days?

Jenny: Niknaks, crème caramel and moist beef biltong

Emma: Mango, fish and nuts

Chloe: Sweet potatoes, rice with soya sauce and fish/seafood

Chantelle: Fresh vegetables and give me a fishing rod and I will suffice!

Tracy: Biltong, gummy sweets and popcorn

Is there a meal or ingredient that you really do not enjoy? What is it?

Jenny: Tripe. Soggy food, limp greens.

Emma:  Liver!! Peanut butter, Bovril, marmite.

Chloe: "Walkie talkies” – anything too graphic!

Chantelle: Anything canned and I don’t like garlic snails. Everything else, I’m good to go.

Tracy: Green beans – not a fan!

If you could choose 3 iconic people (alive or deceased) to have dinner with, who would they be?

Pierre Gagnaire, James Beard and Nelson Mandela

Emma: Mandela, Steve Jobs and Gandhi

Chloe: Deepak Chopra, 14th Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi

Chantelle: Mandela, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa

Tracy: Nelson Mandela and Oprah

Your favourite foodie destination:

Jenny: PARIS!!  And my cooking school near Agen, France. Heart of foie gras, truffle, wine, duck, fruit and, and, and…*sigh*.

Emma: Would love to visit Thailand and Italy.

Would love to visit India. All the rich aromas, colours and flavours. Bonus – the medicinal qualities of all the spices.

Chantelle: Italy and Australia any day please!

Haven’t been to many L - yet!

That’s it for this week,  now that you know the team a little better, be sure to pop in regularly to see what we’re up to. In our next post we’ll share some summer picnic inspiration as we gear up for Valentine’s Day.

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Bubbling pots of foodie love,

The Chez Gourmet team


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