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"Figgy" Greek Custard Parcels

We couldn’t resist cooking with these beautiful black mission figs this week. They are so flavoursome and “meaty” and can be incorporated into sweet and savoury dishes. Baked, grilled, poached or fresh – they are simply a delight to eat. 


Enjoy in a salad or stuffed with cheese - think goat’s milk cheese, brie, camembert or a creamy mild blue cheese. 

Serve in a rocket and beetroot salad with walnuts or hazelnuts. Delish with a balsamic and honey dressing.

Wrap or serve figs with salty or smoked meats like Prosciutto or black forest ham. 

Try with game meats – works beautifully!


Poached figs in rosewater syrup with toasted almonds and crème fraiche or mascarpone.

Caramelised fig tart or a fig tarte tatin.

Incorporated into a sweet fig sauce/puree.

Grilled figs with fig infused custard.

Fig ice-cream!

Grilled figs with honeyed Greek style yoghurt.

Chef Jenny shared one of her favourite “figgy” desserts that is an absolute hit among her family and friends.  Phyllo parcels filled with thick fig infused custard and baked until golden and crispy, served with poached and caramelised figs. We are all in love with this dish now. It just screams autumn!

“Figgy” Greek Custard Parcels

Makes 12 individual portions


seeds of 1 vanilla pod

200 ml milk

50 ml fig poaching liquid*

100 ml cream

1 egg

125 ml sugar

10 ml flour

30 ml semolina

6 sheets phyllo pastry

100 ml melted butter

Ground cinnamon

Blend all custard ingredients together and cook over low heat until thickened. Do not boil. Coer will cling film and allow to cool.

Brush the mini muffin tin with melted butter. Brush the sheets of phyllo pastry with more of the melted butter, and then cut into 24 squares in total. Place 2 squares on top of each other such that the 8 points all stick up, then place into the muffin tins. Spoon some custard into each and seal closed like a purse/parcel. Brush with more melted butter and dust with cinnamon. Bake off at 180°C for +- 20 - 25 minutes until pastry is crisp and golden. Serve with poached figs and caramelised figs.

Poached Figs*

12 figs, preferably black mission

1 star anise

Small piece of dried bay leaf

2.5 ml pink peppercorns

1 cinnamon quill

300 ml berry juice

100 ml sugar

1 lime, juiced and zested

Make a poaching liquid with the sugar, zest and juice. Add the figs and poach until tender under a cartouche (a layer of greaseproof paper), then remove. Strain the spices out of the syrup and reduce the syrup until slightly thickened and beginning to caramelise. Slice the figs from the stalk to the base.

Caramelised figs

6 figs, preferably black mission, otherwise choose firm figs.

Halve the figs

Heat up a cast iron grill pan until really hot, then place the halved figs cut side down on the bare hot pan. The juices will caramelise quickly without cooking the fig.

To plate up:

Place some of the reduced poaching liquid into each bowl, place freshly baked custard parcels onto the sauce, arrange a few pieces of poached fig grilled fig into the bowl and garnish with baby mint leaves. 

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Keep warm fellow foodies,
Chez Gourmet Team

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